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Taking Down a Show

Yellow Roses
© Marian Fortunati
8"x10" Oil On Linen Panel


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I recently read a blog post from a fellow FASO artist that I admire named Janice Druian.   She titled her post "Postpartum Painting".   Of course the title drew me right in, but when I read the reason she called it that, I had to laugh.    She was talking about how it is difficult to begin painting again after taking a show down.   I just took my "One Lucky Artist" show down today, but I don't really feel like that.   I even went out this morning with a plein air group and painted in a gorgeous garden.   (I'll post that painting soon.)  Of course I've been so "off" painting-wise and otherwise for the last few months because of all of my family issues, but now I'm just starting to feel like my old painting self.

Yesterday, on my last day of painting in the patio outside the Crain Art Gallery, I decided to bring along a prop.  These yellow roses in their bright orange water can caught my eye and I had a great day trying to capture their sunny look in paint!   I was painting happily away when my friends Petra and Angelo walked up!  I was so pleasantly surprised and had so much fun chatting with them, that I totally forgot to take them inside the gallery to see the show while it was still up.   It really was a lovely show to see all those paintings together on the wall.   Petra had actually "seen" the show virtually and had purchased a painting she liked without seeing it in person.   Here's a link if you're interested.   I do wish I had remembered to walk them through the gallery, though.  Sigh...

Painting in the patio was a really interesting and rewarding experience for me.   I didn't really know what to expect, but I'm glad I did it.  I met lots of nice people and answered their questions and I think it created some good will with the gallery and the Crowell Library people.   Many of my friends came by to see the show while I was there on Wednesdays and some artist friends even came by to paint with me.  I would do it again if given the chance.


2 Responses to Taking Down a Show

Sharon Weaver
via marianfortunati.com
Glad the show was such a success. You deserve it.

Lee McVey
via marianfortunati.com
Congratulations on a good show and painting time on the patio. Glad you aren't feeling postpartum!

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